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Emprendedor caja 90 piezas

Emprendedor caja 90 piezas

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El impulso perfecto para llevar tu negocio al siguiente nivel. 

Contiene 90 piezas:
10 Fresas
6 Plátanos canela
6 Piñas
10 Manzanas chamoy
6 Kiwis
10 Peras
10 Mix fresa - plátano
6 Mix berries
8 Mangos
8 Mangos chamoy
10 Manzanas

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10 things about FREEZE DRIED FRUIT

1. Non-GMO, gluten-free, no added sugar.

2. CONTAINS: 1 bag of fruit or vegetables, in individual presentation.

3. NUTRIENT PACKED with vital vitamins and nutrients in a single ingredient, healthy snack.

4. CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Perfect for healthy snack bags on the go.

5. DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY Snack Healthy Snack: Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.


7. It does NOT require refrigeration and has an extremely high shelf life.

8. Process that PRESERVES 99% of the nutrients in the dried fruit (LYODRYING).

9. 10kg of fruit ARE NEEDED to make 1kg FREEZE DRIED.

10. IN ADDITION, it is possible to rehydrate the fruit and make it take its original state just by adding water ideal for drinks.


• Carry in your backpack, practical.

• Desserts (Nutella, Oreo, Cocoa, Chocolate Truffles, Monk Fruit).

• Confectionery (fondant, chocolates, Sprinkles, Flavor).

• 100% Natural dry flavoring of 1 only ingredient.

• Healthy Snack.

• Smoothies.

• Drinks (Tea, Topping, frosting, coloring, flavoring).

• Topping (Snow, Chocolates, Mexican Sweets, Cereal, Indian Nut).

• Crush into powder (Te, Tisanas, Flavor).

• Sports (Practical, Nutritious, Healthy, Healthy).

• Astronauts.

• More nutritious than heat-dried fruit.

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